TLS Positioning Arm

TLS Positioning Arm
The TLS arm is an 'intelligent' system that error-proofs your assembly ensuring that every screw is in the correct location at the right torque. Assembly sequences and X-Y coordinates are easily programmed with user interface screens through the keypad from the intuitive menu. Torque programs are automatically selected and enabled from the screwdriver controller based on the TLS Arm locations and current sequence step. No PC is required.
A fixture to hold your work in the same place every time is highly recommended.
The TLS Arm consists of a torque reaction arm with an encoder mounted at the pivot point and with a linear metering resistor. The encoder records the angles and the linear resistor records the distance. The TLS Control Box converts the angle counts of the encoder and the distance detected by the resistor to the precise X-Y position of the Screwdriver. X-Y accuracy can be set by the operator according to each application.

TLS includes cable + unit + cable for EDU..BR/SG or EDU1AE, code 020024 or EDU1FR/SG control unit, code 020023
Number of piece
Number of screws/piece
Sequence of screws
Position of the screw (length/ angle)



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