The K series is a totally new class of torque analyzers. They feature a built-in transducer and also have the unique ability to connect to an external transducer. Using a high performance circuitry they collect, store and eventually download torque measures for a complete analysis of the tool and/or the joint. Priced at an outstanding low level, this tester will surely become very popular for any company wishing to improve their product quality through the precise control of torque.

- User friendly menu
- Membrane keyboard
- Accuracy: +/- 0,5% of the displayed value +/-1 digit.
- Internal transducer for tests on a joint simulator (supplied with the unit).
- Connection for external transducer (transducer not included).
- 500 readings memory.
- Selection among Nm, Ncm, kg/cm, in/lbs.
- RS232C output (cable not included).
- Indication <=> of the preset values.
- Output signal at preset reached value.
- Clockwise and counter-clockwise measurement.
- 3 modes of operation: Peak + , Peak -, Track.
- Manual or automatic reset.
- 9 V rechargeable battery provide 4 hours continuous operation. Automatic switch off to reduce battery consumption.
- 125% transducer overload protection.
- English and Italian menu.

Supplied in a plastic carrying case, with one rechargeable battery, 1 joint simulator (semi-elastic), instruction manual and certificate of calibration.

Additional joint simulators (rundown adapters) for hard joint or fully elastic joint available on request.

Only to read the torque value, itís now available MiniK series. Reduced dimensions, weight and price.
- Accuracy:
0.5% of reading from 10% to 100%
1% of reading from 1% to 10%.
- Built-in transducer to measure on joint simulator.
- External transducer (miniKe).
- Standard external transducer: KTE5 (0,5-5 Nm) and KTE25 (2-25 Nm)
- Three units of torque measurements: (Nm, Kgf.cm, lbf.in).
- Manual and auto reset functions to clear displayed values.
- Battery powered (9V) or AC adapter cord (option at extra cost). 9V batteries provide 30 hours of continuous operation.
- Automatic shut down.
MINI K1 and MINI K5 torque testers feature a new built in joint simulator

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